IT Services Wi-Fi

We believe that flexible learning and mobility is the future of ICT. A good wireless network must be installed to allow schools to embrace this mobility to ensure learning is aligned with current technology

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IT Wi-Fi

A wireless connection

Almost all devices used for learning require a wireless connection or are wireless enabled. Throw in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the need for shared resources and security guidelines, the wireless network becomes a number one priority.

Mobile and tablet learning

Education is rapidly moving towards mobile learning on the likes of tablets, Chromebooks and traditional laptops. These mobile devices will only effectively communicate with the school’s network over Wi-Fi .

One of the main reasons for this switch in focus is the fantastic choice of educational applications and the fact that students are so comfortable using these devices in their homes.

Initial discussion

Step one is for us to have a chat to review the type of device and density of devices that will be deployed.

Optional heat map

Optional heat map survey to establish location and quantity of access points.

Defining the VLAN

Defining the VLAN configuration and radius integration for seamless connectivity and user authentication.

Centralised management

Installation of a centralised management tool for all access points.

School survey

Surveying the school for infrastructure requirements such as data points and POE capabilities of existing hardware.


Completion, sign-off and documentation. All Fluentblu work is provided with full post install documentation for auditing and technical review purposes.