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School should prepare children for the digital workplace, say teachers

Many teachers say school should prepare young people for working in a digital environment, but a number of schools are underinvesting in technology. Teachers believe the education system should be used to prepare children for the digital workplaces they will be working in in the future, according to research. A study by the National Literacy Trust found that 88% of
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The benefits of managed print

Title Sub Title A managed print service is a programme offered to manage your printing devices.  It enables your school to improve efficiency, productivity and security, typically by monitoring usage, replacing consumables and meeting your printing needs. Save time and improve efficiency – printing and copying on old hardware or poorly configured software can be frustrating.  Also, the time spent
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Overcoming poor internet connectivity

Ensuring your networking and Wi-Fi work together to give you the best service


Government invests £10m in education technology strategy

Government invest £10m in education technology strategy


Welsh government buys Microsoft Office 365 for teachers and pupils

Welsh government offers Microsoft Office 365 to teachers and school children for free


How important is training?

Knowledge is power Schools invest heavily in AV and IT equipment and of course it’s important to choose the right product but we think it’s just as important, if not more so, to provide relevant training so that the users can maximise the investment made. When we talk about training, it’s much more than just showing you how to use
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Is your true I.T budget hiding from you?

You may have thousands of pounds waiting for you! The pressure on schools to be efficient with their ICT spending, in a market where technology changes so quickly, is such a difficult balancing act for many of our customers. Everyone wants to be up to date and current, but this model requires constant spending and more importantly, consistent evaluation of
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Why is a managed service for IT support critical?

Why a managed ICT support service is critical and why you should be rethinking your ICT support.