What are the advantages of using audio visual technology in education?

In recent years, AV has taken a bigger role in education, facilitating student engagement, improving productivity and creating a more dynamic learning environment.

Interactive displays can allow teachers to create engaging lessons and incorporate numerous items into a lesson plan such as websites, images and music that students can interact with, answer verbally or even write comments on the board itself.  This provides more stimulation and therefore helps pupils absorb information more easily.

Large format displays are less affected by light than traditional projectors making it easier for pupils to see content without the teachers having to close blinds and turn lights off.  There is zero maintenance required on the displays and they offer long term quality assurance which is not something you can guarantee with the old style projector and whiteboard setup.

There is also more flexibility available with regard to installation of the screens – these can be mounted on to the wall and also mobile trolleys with either fixed height or height adjustable capabilities, giving full flexibility for the ranges of pupils who will be using the screens, at the lower height for younger children or wheelchair users and higher for older children.

Fluentblu can provide help and guidance on the screen and installation that best fits your needs so don’t hesitate to get in contact.  Check out our interactive display buyers guide for helpful guidelines.