Is your true I.T budget hiding from you?

You may have thousands of pounds waiting for you!

The pressure on schools to be efficient with their ICT spending, in a market where technology changes so quickly, is such a difficult balancing act for many of our customers.

Everyone wants to be up to date and current, but this model requires constant spending and more importantly, consistent evaluation of what money is being spent on.

Over the last few weeks we have been actively encouraging schools to take a step back and look in detail as to what they are currently spending their money on each year. It’s easy to quantify numbers when you have bought new laptops or tablets for example, but what about the elements where money is leaving your school on services that haven’t been reviewed for a long time.

You would be amazed how many thousands of pounds we have saved schools by simply taking the time to look at contracts and subscriptions!

Here are some money saving areas that are simple to solve:-

  • Espresso – I’m sure you have all used this at some point. Espresso has been around for a long time, but with the vast array of online games, teaching aids and interactive websites, this strange cache box that sits in the network room is fast becoming obsolete. But did you know this costs around £2000 a year!! The package itself has some great content but ultimately if you’re not using it then instantly you have £2000 to re invest.
  • Broadband – If you are still using a local authority service then you are probably missing out on the super fast FTTC services provided by ISP’s such as Virgin. Over the last 5 years there has been a huge change in the performance and availability for services such as Virgin’s VOOM fibre and this huge increase in performance means schools no longer need to look at expensive lease line options to achieve the speeds they need. This is perfect for lower/primary schools. Choosing the right package can save you anywhere from £2-4k a year without compromise in reliability or performance.
  • Printing – This is probably the biggest area that can very quickly get out of control! I think we would all be amazed by the vast quantity of print that a school can go through, but when we hit print on our PC we have to remember it costs money every time we do it. Printing costs for schools is much more than simply the toners and consumables, we also have to factor in the lease of the machines, the cost per print and the paper they use, all of this can add up to vast sums of money. Having a well structured print policy and the support to implement it is critical for reducing your annual costs. You’ll be shocked how much we can save you after a full print review has been conducted.

If you would like to see how much of your IT budget is hiding away from you, give us a call on 01234 84 33 00 for a Free of charge assessment, trust us you won’t regret it.

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