Interactive Flat Panels and the key to success

Understanding the basics is the key to success!

Perfecting your classroom AV setup is really easy when you have the fundamentals covered. Key areas such as installation, selecting the right size of screen and choosing the appropriate hardware/software bundle, are the building blocks of ensuring you invest your money wisely.

It’s paramount that you don’t get swayed by branding or clever marketing, as this will cloud your judgement of what the solution is and more importantly how your teachers and pupils will utilise the technology.

Whatever IFP you end up investing in it will serve you well for the next 5+ years, so this is the time to take a step back and get things perfect! Don’t worry if another school uses a certain brand and raves about it, take your time and look at the differences between the top providers. Each of them have very subtle differences between their software and navigation and it could be one of those differences that makes or breaks whether or not the staff fully use it to it’s potential.

On the face of it, if you were presented with a line up of screens, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between them all. They all boast 4K resolution, multi point touch, built in android, annotation software etc etc but ultimately the difference comes with the tech/software wrap and that dictates the price!

The main aim is to determine what sort of school you are in terms of teaching and learning with tech. Are you option one, the type that uses a lot of software, creates bespoke presentations and relies on applications to create collaborative and engaging content or are you option 2, a school that uses web based free and subscription resources.

These two questions will point you towards certain manufacturers, as their product concept is geared towards these two types of users.

If you are option one then Clevertouch, Smart and Promethean will be where to focus your attention.

If you are option two then BenQ, iiyama, Viewsonic are the perfect choice.

This is where is gets interesting though, it doesn’t matter what you choose, you will still get the same amazing in built annotation tools, screen mirroring, web browsing capabilities, 4K quality and multi touch.

The brands have taken the time to listen to the market and provide options that allow the consumer to control their investment by only installing technology that they will use. It sounds bizarre, but i’m sure we will all agree that often purchases have been made where really we only use a small percentage of its capability, but at the time there were no other options!

Thankfully with the IFP market this is now a thing of the past and you can finally control the technology you use.

So if you are thinking of looking into the interactive flat panel market here are the points to consider:-

  • How are you going to install them, fixed height/height adjustable?
  • What size of screen?
  • Is software critical to your purchase?
  • Have you had a demo yet?
  • Organise a loan unit so you can test in a live classroom

Don’f forget, Fluentblu can help and advise on everything we have been discussing so please give us a call, we are a friendly bunch and we’d love to help!

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Interactive Help Guide Part 1