Sound and Lighting: Special Needs

Using our team of experienced engineers, we provide a complete sensory makeover for your room. Our aim is to provide you with the tools that allow you to be creative in your teaching, to inspire fun, aid communication and to meet the sensory and curriculum needs of your pupils.

Working with you we create imaginative learning spaces by combining our knowledge of products with your expertise. We listen to your ideas and tailor our approach to provide you with an inspirational space in which students and service users can learn.

Our services offer seamless integration, high quality sound and interactivity for sensory rooms and studios and hydrotherapy pools.

Let’s take a closer look…


All systems can be purchased and installed individually or integrated into a single solution with simple intuitive controls. In addition we can often incorporate existing equipment into our designs. Our systems are designed to allow for changes and adaptations as the requirements of the learning space evolve.


We always use high quality products from leading manufacturers in our sound systems. This ensures our sound systems allow music, the spoken word, sound effects and movie sound tracks to be clearly and easily heard even by listeners with hearing impairment.


We use the latest ‘eco-friendly’ LED projectors which give clear and bright detail. Any video feed can be projected onto a white space – wall or whiteboard. DVD’s, computer games or a live link from a video camera can all be displayed using our projection systems.


Create an immersive environment with amazing interactive projections and tactile switches. Available installed or stand-alone these can be integrated into our sound, lighting and projection systems to provide enhanced and fully interactive media and rich teaching resources.

 Sensory Zones / Trolley

We can create sensory zones to assist you with your special needs requirements using any combination of our systems together with other sensory products such as LED fibre curtains, water columns, Solar projection lighting systems, UV lighting and soft play areas.


Tactile features can be supplied and installed, ranging from UV reactive materials to a selection of tactile wall mounted panels, which are removable for floor use. These tactile features are great for helping with motor functions.

Services Include

Sensory Rooms and Studios:

  • High Quality Sound Systems
  • Interactive Colour Changing LED Lighting
  • Interactive Projection Systems
  • Soft Play and Tactile Areas
  • Fully Integrated & Simple to Use

Hydrotherapy Pools:

  • High Quality Sound Systems
  • Interactive Colour Changing LED Lighting
  • Floating, Wireless Control Switches
  • Remote Control Moving Lights
  • Fully Integrated and Simple to Use

A sneak Peek…