IT Infrastructure

When it comes to moving large volumes of information, it’s difficult to surpass an educational institution.

At most schools, colleges and universities the impact of performance hungry multimedia and traditional data is fast becoming a day-to-day issue.

While the servers and the core network hardware are clearly important, the cabling that links the infrastructure is also vital. The immense volume of information that an educational institution creates and shares means it’s crucial for your school to provide a cabling infrastructure that will handle the current data, as well as accommodate the traffic and volume as the requirements inevitably increase.

In addition, more and more schools are becoming wireless and must provide rock-solid wireless access 24/7 throughout the site. Having the most effective and efficient design in terms of access points (APs) is a critical design element. And APs have to be cabled and networked.

At Fluentblu our extensive knowledge of structured cabling and network design can provide you with a reliable and scalable backbone which will allow you to maximise the performance of ICT across all areas of the curriculum.

If you are experiencing problems with speed and network reliability, there is a good chance it’s the backbone of your network and not the device itself; Fluentblu can provide a complimentary site assessment where we can pin point your improvement areas and build a structured long term plan.

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Number TwoAn infrastructure specialist will then design a scope of works highlighting each element and the associated components required.

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Completion, sign-off and documentation: all Fluentblu work is provided with full post install documentation for auditing and technical review purposes.