Hardware Procurement

With the vast range of equipment and peripherals on offer in the ever changing ICT market, sometimes it’s tricky to evaluate them all and make the correct decision.

Fluentblu provides an un-biased service which allows our customers to fully review the products on offer so they can tailor their procurement around their exact needs.

Our trained team of ICT gurus will sit down with you and build a clear understanding of what hardware you need and provide advice and ideas on the most efficient way of obtaining best value.

If you have an upcoming or future project in mind we would be happy to help – just tell us your requirements and one of our friendly experts will be in touch!

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Multi-Coloured-1We want to understand your school’s current hardware list.


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Number TwoWe run through all the major vendors to streamline what is on offer and outline the most efficient and future-proof technology.

Number ThreeOur team will work through the latest educational discount schemes to make sure the very best price is achieved.

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Number FourA detailed quote is provided with all relevant product documentation made available to you so you can really understand what the product has to offer.

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