Consultancy and Development

With any ICT project, understanding the fundamentals and their wider implications to your existing or new network is critical.

Fluentblu has a specialist team of consultants, skilled and qualified in various technologies and methodologies, experienced in complex ICT processes, and able to deliver the best combination of technologies on the market.

Managing varying technologies and understanding the complexities of having everything integrated and functioning as one ICT framework is a tricky thing but at Fluentblu our pre and post consultancy is on hand every step of the way.

For more information on how Fluentblu can help, please contact our ICT team for a no obligation chat – we’d love to hear from you!

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Multi-Coloured-1The school visit: As part of our continued philosophy to provide forward thinking and innovative ICT solutions to our customers, our consultancy and development service is designed to assist you with the planning and implementation of I.T upgrades, new technology and ensuring best practice across the curriculum.

Understanding your school’s long term objectives is critical for our senior consultancy service. Meeting face to face allows us to build an idea of how our expertise can be utilised and ultimately what impact will be achieved.

School Visit

Number TwoBefore any work is carried out you will be provided with a detailed scope of works so you can fully evaluate the methods and approach our advisors will take.

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Number Three

Sign off and Documentation: It’s vitally important with any senior led project that you are provided extensive documentation supporting everything we have done so that you have clear evidence to support your investment.